Some technical specs of the new R1

Behind the scenes at the Yamaha World Launch in Sydney, I got to check out some of the new, advanced components & technology that have gone into the new R1. I found this really interesting, being mechanically minded myself, so I thought I would share…

A connecting rod would normally be made in 2 separate parts and then bolted together but even with dowels and bolts its not perfect and can flex. Now its cast in 1 piece with a fault line where it can be purposely fractured into 2 parts and then joined perfectly back together.

Yamaha R1 Yamaha R1

These photos show some of the improved components…

Photo 1 shows the new lightened crank, titanium rods and high compression pistons.

Photos 2 you can see each gear is hollowed right through instead of just where the dogs engage, every effort has been made to reduce weight.

Photo 3 shows on the left the 2014 starter motor and on the right the unit for 2015.

Photo 4 is a complete motor cross section to see the assembled internals.

Photo 5 its not visible in this photo but after casting each head is machined by CNC to make each combustion chamber perfect.



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