josh brookes

Have you ever wondered what a bike would be like with the feel of a 600, power of a SuperBike, anti-wheelie, traction control, corner entry engine breaking assistance, slipper clutch and quick shifter… just like a top level race bike? Thats what the new R1 feels like.

Today I was at Sydney Motorsport Park for the World Launch of the Yamaha R1 and it was the first time i’ve ridden the new bike. In the past I haven’t pursued the opportunity to do track days on standard road bikes as they have just been too far away from what I race on, to gain much value. Although my race bike still feels different, it’s the closest I have experienced to it. You can really tell Yamaha have designed the new R1 as a race bike, legal for road use not like past methods of building a road bike and teams having to adapt it to the race track. The excitement is building for my Milwaukee Yamaha!



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