Yesterday was the first official BSB test and I unveiled my new Gobert inspired paint work by Richart

The day started with rain so we didn’t ride in the first session. By the second run the track had improved and it was dry enough to get out and do some laps where I was 2nd in the timings. The new R1 looks stunning on track with the Milwaukee Yamaha Paintwork but underneath we are still running a very standard package. In the coming months we expect to include a new large capacity fuel tank which will centralise the mass further. A new swing arm and link to improve side grip and offer more varying suspension settings and most importantly engine performance updates as at the moment our engines are completely standard. In the final run we dropped back to 9th but being only 0.6 seconds off the fastest time of the day, this is exceptional work by the Yamaha and the team. The Team and I have confidence in the bike developing and improving as new parts become available and I’m really looking forward to getting back on track next week.

Photo Credit @DoubleRed & @GadgetGuy007



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