There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t see or know about. When the season ends its pretty much straight into prepping for the next. I’m grateful to have a great team that does everything for the bikes so that leaves me to just organise myself.

I thought I’d show you some of my essentials and the processes as I get ready for the BSB Championship to start again.


Being Australian and racing in England requires international travel to start the journey. My first essential is good bags. When you’ve got lots of bulky kit to move around you need luggage that’s light, durable and fits loads in. Ive been using OGIO for years now, not part of a sponsorship but because they fit the purpose & never let me down


2021 will be my 7th year with IXON. I’ve used their suits in BSB, Suzuka, WSBK and Isle of Man TT.  Their fit, quality and innovation is the best I’ve ever worn. Prep for my suits usually starts in December with new designs for my test suits and sometimes I will go to IXON HQ in France to be re-measured and see all the latest updates. In the new year we get started on the race suits once the team colours and sponsors are finalised. My suits are manufactured at IXON HQ in Macon France, and can be with me in under 2 weeks from design sign off.


I’ve been using ARAI almost my entire career. Even before I had a sponsorship deal. In 20 years of being  a professional racer there is only 1 season very early on that I wore another brand. I was so devastated by the choice that I swore id never again compromise the comfort and safety I have with ARAI. Likewise ive been working with Richart concepts for many years now too. He paints all of my helmets. Usually I will change my design every 3 rounds so Rich and I will start chatting about design ideas in January and will have the first 2 ready for BSB Media day in March/April. We have a mutual passional for 80’s/90’s MX so enjoy bringing influences from this era to my helmets.


Leathers predominantly showcase team sponsors so for most riders the helmet is free for them to display personal sponsors. You would have seen Tamworth Motorcyles, Fab Weld Engineering and Stevenage Sheet Metal on my helmet for several years now and most recently Hager. Milspec are my longest running personal sponsor they have been on my helmet since 2005.


Ive been riding with SIDI for 10 years now. I don’t have any rituals or superstitions about which boot goes on first or anything like that, which is something I’m often asked. I always have at least 2 sets of perforated boots with me (this means the leather has small holes in it to allow air flow) which I prefer to always use, unless its wet and i’ll wear a non perforated set. I work directly with the SIDI brand in Italy and they will customise my boot designs/colours to my race suits.


I never leave the house without my oakley sunglasses and from my own merchandise range a hoody, bodywarmer and hat. I wanted to create a range that fans would like but that I could wear too. After years of being let down or mislead, Aimie and I now produce our own range. Even though we’re no graphic designers we will sit down and create logos and designs and then work with a manufacturer to create mock designs and samples. We choose the pantones, fabrics, packaging etc too. Each year we are learning a bit more at the moment we are working on 2021 samples so hopefully we will be able to show you the 2021 range soon.


I have lots of bikes from cycles to road to Motorcross. I would get really upset by cleaning products ruining anodising and leaving streaks in the metal parts. When living in Northern Ireland I discovered Mudbuster. This stuff not only cleaned better than anything else but it didn’t damage my bikes. I liked it so much that when I couldn’t buy it in Australia I decided to start importing it there. I’ll always have the visor cleaner in my bag and in the garage because as i’ve already mentioned, I need my helmet/visor  prep to be be right.

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