Coming away from round 1 with 3 podiums, my first win at FHO and the Championship lead was special. Its my best start to a BSB season ever.

It’s perfect, to lead the championship after the first round is ideal. You know, we are always optimistic we are going to have a good bike, good package, but to get into the opening round and have three podiums is ideal. We are in a perfect place to build for the rounds to come.

I think as a racer and as a competitor you always have this idea that everything will go smoothly and you’ll win everything. I think it’s natural for competitors to have that mindset, so I always believed that if things were good we could do this and better. But you also have this realistic mind that it’s a difficult series, lots of good riders and it’s always hard fought racing and you can never be sure you are going to get good results like we did, so definitely pleased to take these positions.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the moment when I would win again; when I was winning regularly you would think it would just come. The last two years have been hard, people start to doubt you and I don’t blame them for that.  It feels good to win for myself, the team, and it is a feeling of success.


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