This weekend was Cadwell Park. After testing here last week and doing low 26’s I was pretty confident for the race weekend. In the first session the times were a bit down but as the track improved so did the times and we topped every practice session. I qualified on pole and knew my team had done everything they could, to give me a good bike for the race. We had consistent lap times all weekend and a good race pace, so the rest was up to me.

In race 1 I got the hole shot and lead from the start, with the plan to get out front and control the pace. I quickly started to get a gap and when it was up to over 3 seconds the safety car came out for 2 laps. It was half race distance and I had used the best of the tyre, I had everyone bunched up behind so had to push hard to get a comfortable gap again. I finished in the lead, 2 second ahead of the second place rider.

In Race 2 I started from pole position again and lead start to finish.  Even when I had made a gap to second I kept pushing. It’s easy to make mistakes and lose concentration when you’re not in a battle. I didn’t have someone on my back wheel and chasing this time but I might have next race, I wanted to be smooth and calculated so I kept pushing and rode hard to the flag.

2 Pole Positions, 2 Wins & King of the Mountain this weekend.  It feels good to have the Triple Double too! A big thanks to my team for all their hard work, every weekend.

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