It’s moments like this words aren’t enough. Its a feeling to win a championship and that I can’t say in simple words.

The big public moment is stood on the podium. The real and less climatic moment is some time later, it’s not a specific moment but a process of reflection. Its been 14 years since I started racing on tarmac and half of its been in BSB. 7 hard years of bashing bars in the British Championship can only be justified by winning.

If getting pole positions and setting lap records throughout the season wasn’t enough, it was a 2x Triple Double that was my highlight of 2015.

But i’ve not done it alone…

Thanks to Shaun Muir and Dale at Milwaukee, the SMR team have gone to the top level, without a doubt the best team in the championship. Every person in the team, in their own way has contributed to my success. Stewart Winton & Ian Lord have made this dream a reality. What they have done with the bike and also with me, has been clear to see.

Also a big Thank You to all the sponsors and especially my personal sponsors (Tamworth Yamaha, OAKLEY bluewater, Stevenage Sheet Metal, Milspec, IXON, Arai, Kennedy’s Watch shop) some of which have now become great friends and to everyone for supporting me, from fans to family… you’re all great!

The most important thank you is for my partner Aimie, she is beside me always and makes me who I am.

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  1. Congratulations on winning the bsb championship, thourghly deserved pity you and SMR can’t take the R1 to WSB but what ever championship you decide to race in good luck

  2. Well deserved on the championship this year josh, you deserve it xxx hopefully see you back in bsb to be locking horns with shaky and everyone else. BSB has some of the best bikers and makes the best viewing out of all the championship, can’t wait for it yo come back xxx

  3. Top job josh been a long time coming but well deserved 🙂 would be great to cu back st the iom tt and in the top step them

  4. Well done josh! I was egging you on all season from the comfort of my armchair! What you and the team did with that bike in its first year of manufacture was remarkable. I was impressed with how you rode the bike with such presicion and confidence, i do hope you stay and fight for another championship and believe as a thankyou for developing the bike to that level you should have had a WSBK ride instead of quintoli.
    Well done josh!

  5. It was the only fair result mate. You had been plugging away on what most people reckon to be inferior machinery for a few years. Be interesting to see how the Tam goes with somebody else in the saddle next season. I think a few riders may be disappointed eh!
    Good bike but you need more than a good bike.
    Well done Josh and when are you going back into Wsbk where you can get a bit of a challenge?

  6. Thoroughly deserved. Been following you since the “event” at Shaws Corner, Mallory Park all those years ago. Have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing further success in 2016.

  7. Hi Josh me and my son Sam were so pleased for you on winning the championship, you made my son’s year last year at Cadwell when you stopped for a pic and called him little man. Even though you were in a rush, you’re a top man good luck in what ever you decide .Simon.

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